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Update announcement for models Evoke C-F6 and Evoke F3 with necessary action for continued internet radio service - News / Internet Radio - PURE SUPPORT

Aug 23 2021

Update announcement for models Evoke C-F6 and Evoke F3 with necessary action for continued internet radio service

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Dear customer,

As technology evolves, so does our internet radio service provider.

Frontier has been a provider of SmartRadio solutions for ten years – enabling consumer audio brands like Pure to build hundreds of radios combining DAB / DAB+, FM and the internet. To offer you the best service possible we will switch our provider for Evoke C-F6 and Evoke F3 from Flow Live to Frontier Silicon Nuvola through an automated update on the 13th of September 2021.

Through the decision to switch the internet radio portal of the Evoke C-F6 and Evoke F3 over to Frontier Silicon Nuvola, these products will receive the same perks as our newer models- a stable and more importantly bigger selection of available internet radio and podcast sources to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

On the day of the update, your radio device will lose connection to all its stored internet radio stations. This will be indicated via an error message on the screen and a voice prompt asking you to power cycle the device. To allow a clean set-up of the update and the switch-over to Frontier Silicon Nuvola you will need to perform a factory reset after the power cycle. For in-depth guidance on what needs to be done to complete the update, please have a look at the following video:

Pure Evoke C-F6 & Evoke F3 Flow Airable Update Video

After the factory reset and the switch-over, you will need to save your presets and alarm settings anew. For guidance on how to create new presets or set the alarm again please have a look at the user guides here:

Evoke C-F6

Evoke F3

What is the difference between presets and “My Favourites”?


•    A station can be stored as a preset on a preset key through long-pressing the favoured number key

•    Such a preset is “local” to the radio, so no sync across other radios

•    A preset can be recalled by pressing the preset number you want to listen to

•    Such a preset does not require an internet connection and can be used in the different sources (DAB, FM; IR)

- Obviously it requires an internet connection when you want to use internet radio

My Favourites

•    Can only be stored on the radio through the Nuvola portal, after the radio has been connected and a login at the portal has been created.

•    They can be synced across different radios

•    They can only be accessed through the menu of the radio “My Favourites”

•    “My Favourites” are only available for the internet radio source