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A red light flashes when the Jongo is connected to the wifi. Why? - Knowledgebase / Jongo - PURE SUPPORT

A red light flashes when the Jongo is connected to the wifi. Why?

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I see a red flashing light while adding Jongo to my wireless network why?

This will mean there is a problem with the Jongos network connection. If this happens, go back into Wi-Fi set up mode and try connecting again, you may have entered you’re your network settings incorrectly.
Note: You will need to know your personal wireless network security key – otherwise known as a WEP or WPA key. If you haven’t set one yourself then you may find the key written on your wireless router. You should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you don't know your network key. It’s important to note that you will not be able to get your Jongo connected to your network without knowing this key. This password is case sensitive; if you have entered this incorrectly this will stop you connecting.

If connecting via Wi-Fi are you in range of your router, if you get closer and try to connect again does this help?

Is your internet connection alive? Can you browse internet pages on a computer on the same network? If you can’t this implies you don’t have an active internet connection. You should contact your internet service provider to discuss getting your network re-established.

Do you have enough bandwidth to connect the Jongo to your network; run a speed test by visiting are you running at least 1/mb or more. If you are not running at least this your connection is too slow to allow reliable streaming. You should contact your internet service provider and discuss your options for increasing your broadband speed.

Rebooting the router can often resolve connection anomalies, a reboot can re-establish connections.