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Connecting Jongo to your home network - Knowledgebase / Jongo - PURE SUPPORT

Connecting Jongo to your home network

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Setting up a Jongo via the Pure Connect is unfortunately no longer supported, this is now only possible using a manual setup, as described below. Please make sure you follow these instructions carefully. 

How to connect Jongo to your home network

  1. Switch on Jongo and wait for the power LED to turn green.
  2. Press Jongo’s Wi-Fi button. Jongo’s power light will flash either amber or green (depending on which model of Jongo you are connecting)
  3. From your device, open Settings, then select Wi-Fi.
  4. Wait for a wireless network named Jongo ** ****** to appear (if this network does not appear within a minute, try pressing Jongo’s WIFI button again).
  5. Connect to the Jongo network.
  6. Open a web browser (e.g. Safari) from your device.
  7. Enter the following address:
  8. The Jongo Setup Manager webpage will be displayed.
  9. Select your preferred WIFI network in the network list and enter your WIFI network password.
  10. Tap on Save.
  11. Wait for Jongo’s power light to go steady green.
  12. If Jongo’s power light flashes red instead, there has been a connection error. Repeat from step 2 above to re-try.

When this has been successful for all Jongos you wish to use, you can then link them together for streaming from one source. This can be done in the app or manually if you are having issues with the app. For further details, please refer to the article 

"Using Multiroom - Listening to content on more than 1 Jongo"