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DAB radio displays the wrong time

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Why is the DAB radio clock is showing the wrong time?

You may notice variations in the clocks displayed on Pure DAB radios. Variations in time can be attributed to many events such as encode time (at broadcast) and decode time (at the radio). You may even find multiplexes broadcasting slightly different times, so you will often see the clock shift when you move around stations.

The way it works is the radio looks at the time broadcast once every hour (from the moment it was first turned on), and makes any adjustments to the radio display time at that point. For the other 59 minutes of the hour the radio runs a software clock independent of the broadcast. If the broadcast is not found on the hour check (e.g. the multiplex is off air), the radio will keep running its software clock until the multiplex reappears, and once it reappears the radio will automatically change its clock to meet the clock broadcast time to the nearest minute. It's this adjustment of to the nearest minute which causes variations to be seen between different radios - even when listening to the same multiplex.

You may see variances in the time displayed on your radio - but you should never see variances of more than a couple of minutes.