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Explanation of the flow server navigation trees - Knowledgebase / Media Streaming and Flow server - PURE SUPPORT

Explanation of the flow server navigation trees

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FlowServer navigation trees explained

When you set up FlowServer it will scan your shared directories for music, picture and video content and will automatically extract all available metadata from a wide variety of content formats. Playlists created with third party applications like iTunes, Winamp or the Windows Media Player can be imported as well.

From the available metadata, FlowSever automatically creates a navigation tree. Unlike other media servers that only provide a single, fixed navigation structure, FlowServer offers a choice of three pre-defined navigation trees that address different needs:

  1. Simple navigation tree - organizes the content into a flat structure, supporting artist, album, genre and folders
  2. iPod-like navigation tree - includes composer-based navigation and a more structured tree including artist/album and genre/artist/album
  3. Advanced navigation tree - should be used with very large media libraries and provides artist and genre index (grouping into a-c, d-f, etc) as well as year/artist/album in addition to the structures above.