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How do I create a stereo pair? - Knowledgebase / Jongo - PURE SUPPORT

How do I create a stereo pair?

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Instructions for setting up stereo pairing 

Note: This can only be done using an Android device. This feature has been taken away from the new version of the Pure Connect app for Apple devices (IOS 11+)

Stereo pairing allows you to play 2 speakers in stereo each playing a discrete left and right channel.

You can only stereo pair like products so a Jongo S3 can only pair with another Jongo S3 for example.


Both Jongos need to connect to the same network.

Select a track/radio station that you would like to play tap theicon

Now tap the next to the Jongos you want to pair and then select pairing.  


Now select which Jongo you want playing left and right.

You do this by pressing these icons 

Jongo S3 Black is left and Jongo S3 81DF32 is right

Now press confirm

You can now name your pair and then press confirm

Congratulations you now have a stereo pair set up!