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How to find the firmware version of your Contour 200i - Knowledgebase / Docks and Airplay - PURE SUPPORT

How to find the firmware version of your Contour 200i

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Check that your Contour 200i Air is running the latest firmware to ensure you experience the best from your product!

There are two easy methods for finding the currently installed firmware version on your Contour 200i device.

By iOS device (iPod Touch\ iPhone\ iPad)

  1. Dock your iOS Apple device onto the Contour 200i
  2. On your Apple device select Settings > General > About > Contour
  3. You should see the currently installed firmware version listed as ‘Firmware Revision

By Mac\ PC

Information regarding your Contour device can be obtained using the Apple ‘Bonjour’ service.

  1. Install the latest Safari web browser on your computer if you do not already have it installed.
  2. Open the Safari web browser and click on the open book ‘Bookmarks’ icon in the top left hand corner of the web brower. Select ‘Bonjour’ and you will see your Contour listed. If you have more than one Contour you can identify the specific product by cross referencing the last 5 characters shown in the list - by the MAC ID label found on the underside of your product.
  3. Double click on your Contour listing to open the ‘Setup Manager’. Click on the ‘Status’ tab, and your firmware version number will be listed as ‘Platform Revision