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Internet Radio Service - Essential Maintenance Announcement for October - Knowledgebase / Internet radios - PURE SUPPORT

Internet Radio Service - Essential Maintenance Announcement for October

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Dear customer,

We would like to inform you that due to an update regarding one of the platforms hosting our internet radio service, there are some further disruptions in service to be expected for products running on this platform. The maintenance work and update will impact the usage of the internet radio service on the 20.10.2021

We understand that this might be inconvenient for you, and therefore have worked with our technical team to provide as much information as possible about this maintenance work.

Why is there maintenance work going on?

As technology is changing and evolving fast, so do the providers of internet radio software. That is why over time, a decrease in compatibility and limitations to update older databases, unfortunately, becomes more likely. The provider hosting the affected platform recently advised upgrading to the newest Database engines as the older one goes end-of-life in late 2021. To tackle this compatibility related challenge ahead of the update, we are following the advice of the provider, and are upgrading to a newer Database engine.

Which products will receive the update?

Evoke F4, Sensia, Sensia 200D, Evoke Flow, One Flow, Siesta Flow, Avanti Flow, Oasis Flow, Contour, Jongo and the Pure Connect App.

What do I have to do, and how will this impact my listening experience during maintenance?

The good news, there is no action from you required during the update. During maintenance, the public connection to the platform will be disabled. That means that all of the radios mentioned above will temporarily be unable to connect to the Portal showing the massage “Portal Connection Error”. That also means, that for the duration of the maintenance work, those radios cannot play an Internet Radio Stream via the Portal.

** Note: A player that is already playing an Internet Radio Stream would continue, but you would see a "Portal Connection Error" message

Of course, it is still possible to plug in a mobile device via aux-in as a workaround to stream your desired station for the duration of the maintenance.

What will the update do?

The update will allow us to fix server errors and bugs.

This will ensure that legacy model and radios of older technology will be allowed continued compatibility for the next year.

Should you encounter any continued disturbances after the above-mentioned timeframe please do reach out to our technical support here.

Thank you for your understanding.