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No sound or sound interruptions on the Contour 200i Air - Knowledgebase / Docks and Airplay - PURE SUPPORT

No sound or sound interruptions on the Contour 200i Air

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No audio or broken audio on Contour 200i Air

Check that your Contour 200i Air is running the latest firmware to ensure you experience the best from your product!

Please note that when you first use Contour 200i Air to play audio using AirPlay you may hear no audio or broken audio. The following steps may be necessary for normal playback from iTunes or from your iOS device:

  • Select the the AirPlay symbol at the bottom of the screen in the Music app on your iOS device or iTunes.
  • Select your iOS device from the list at the bottom of the screen or My Computer if using iTunes.
  • Select the the AirPlay symbol again.
  • Select your Contour 200i Air device again from the list.

Tracks should now play as normal.

Note: You may need to repeat this procedure if your Contour 200i Air has been in Standby (not Sleep) or the power has been been turned off at the wall.

If you continue to experience problems with audio dropping out then ensure you are running the very latest iOS version for your Apple device. If you are already running the latest iOS version on your Apple device, you should ensure your Contour device is running the latest firmware. Check the following FAQ for instructions on how to locate your Contour's current firmware version:

If you continue to receive interrupted audio - you should check your wireless network broadcast channel. You must ensure you are not sharing the same Wi-Fi channel as another network close by (you have 13 to choose from), so use a tool like the WiFi Analyzer app for Apple devices, and check to see if your wireless network is broadcasting on the same channel as another network nearby. If it is then you should change your wireless broadcast channel to a free channel and see if improves the situation. Consult your wireless router user guide for adjusting wireless broadcast channels.