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Notes for Orange Livebox wireless routers - Knowledgebase / Internet radios / Connecting your product to the internet - PURE SUPPORT

Notes for Orange Livebox wireless routers

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Important notes for users of Orange Livebox wireless routers

Some Orange Livebox routers like the DV4210-WU router require you to press button number one on the side or the back of the router box when attempting to connect any wireless devices to your network. Pressing this button sets the Livebox in pairing mode for 10 minutes and will allow your Flow radio to see it and connect to it when running the connection wizard. You can then select your Livebox router on your Flow radio and go ahead and enter your network key.

If you’re still having problems then you may need to connect to the Livebox with the encryption settings on the router set to ‘WEP only’, ‘WPA only’ or ‘No security’. Your Flow radio will not work with the ‘WPA/WEP combined security’ setting.
In the Orange Livebox configuration menu, under Advanced Wireless Settings, you will find four different options for security – ‘WPA or WEP security’, ‘WPA security only’, ‘WEP security only’, and ‘No security’. You need to change the security setting from ‘WPA or WEP security’ to either ‘WEP only’, ‘WPA only’ depending on your encryption method. The default encryption method is normally WEP.


Running a uPnP media sever on an Orange Livebox.

During testing we found on occasion that media servers were not listing correctly in the Flow radio's media server list after power cycling the radio. This appeared to only happen when used in conjunction with the Orange Livebox wireless router, and is an issue we are still investigating.
If you’re using the Orange Livebox wireless router and are experiencing this issue, then simply restart your media server software and instruct your Flow radio to rescan for media servers. Your server list will be refreshed correctly.