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Once connected, how do you stream music? - Knowledgebase / Jongo - PURE SUPPORT

Once connected, how do you stream music?

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Now my Jongo is connected, how do I stream music?

Open the Pure Connect App. Select the music you want to listen to. You can do this by choosing from the various “tabs” available on-screen. Once in a tab then navigate by swiping left or right to see all your options:




Playing content

Choose the content you wish to listen to and start it playing either by clicking on the track name itself or on the play icon

When you start playing a track then the screen will change and a player bar will appear on screen



Tap the in the player bar to view the list of available Jongo devices on your network

Then tap the next to your Jongo, or Jongos, that you want to listen to. When each one is selected the text will turn blue and after a short pause you will hear audio from that Jongo.



You can control the volume on each individual Jongo using the slider under its name, or the overall volume using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

You can mute each, or every, Jongo by tapping on the speaker icon to the left of the volume slider. Just tap it a second time to hear the audio again.

You can also control overall audio using the volume buttons on your device

When you have finished choosing which Jongos to use, simply click on the cross at the top left.

Congratulations, you’re all set up to enjoy your music!