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Station not available' message

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I see 'Station not available' when I try to select an internet radio station! Why is it not there?

Check another station...

You'll see this message if your radio can't see a particular station. The first thing to try is tuning to another station. This will at least tell you if your radio is properly connected to your network and to the interent. If another station works then you know your radio is properly connected and the fault probably lies with an interruption to the station broadcast. 

If you have tried another station you're still getting the same 'Station Not Available' message. There are a few things you will need to check.

Check your web connection...

You'll also see this message if your radio can't see your internet connection or your broadband speed to too low. Make sure your internet connection is alive and well and you have sufficient bandwidth available to you. Use our free broadband speed checker to check your available download speed here: Can you browse the web on your computer? Can you listen to the same station you're trying to tune on your computer through the Pure Connect website?


Check your radio is connected to your wireless network...

If you can, then make sure the connection from the radio to your router is sound. Is your radio in range of your router? Can you tune to any other station? If you can’t then you need to investigate your radio’s wireless connection to your router. Have you entered your network security key in to your radio yet? Is your radio properly connected to your wireless network? Check out the suggested FAQ’s at the bottom of the page if you are unsure your radio is connected to your network.

Does your radio have an IP address?

If you have successfully connected to your wireless network your Pure internet radio will be given an IP address by your router. If you do not have an IP address then make sure your router is giving out IP addresses via DHCP, as your radio cannot connect without a unique IP address applied to it. You may need to consult your router user guide for instructions on how to do this. Check below on how to check your radio IP address.


Instructions for finding your radio IP address - EVOKE Flow/AVANTI Flow/ONE Flow/Oasis Flow/ Contour: You can locate your radio's assigned IP address by selecting Options > Wi-Fi Settings > View Details. Scroll down the list of settings and you'll see the radio's IP as well as MAC address, router and basic network details.

Instructions for finding your radio IP address - Sensia: Tap Settings and then Network. You'll see a full list of network details here. 

If your IP address looks like then your radio is not being given an IP address by your router. This will be why you can't stream stations.

Note: If your radio isn't receiving an IP address from your router the incorrect security information could have been entered when attempting to connect your radio to your wireless network. This means you've probably entered your wireless network key (WEP\ WPA key) incorrectly.

Wireless network channel sharing?

You should ensure you are not sharing the same Wi-Fi channel as another network close by (you have 13 to choose from). Use a tool like on a wireless computer, or WiFi Analyzer for iPhone\ Android devices, and check to see if you are sharing the same channel as another network nearby. Armed with this info, does the problem persist if you move to a free channel?

Check your router frequency.

Make sure your router is using the correct frequency - and that it is configured to use 802.11B, G or B/G. If you are using a 802.11N router you should ensure B/G backward compatibility as your radio will run as an 802.11G client. Test this theory by adjusting your router settings so it only broadcasts B\G and not N. Does the radio connect then?

Running 802.11N will not give your Pure radio the speed benefits associated from an 'N' network as the radio doesn't actually need it and therefore utilize it.

Check the station is broadcasting...

If your web connection and your Wi-Fi connection are fine then there are still a number of reasons why you may see this message. Most commonly it’s because the radio station is temporarily off air, or you may be attempting to tune in to a station that has closed for the day/night depending on the time it is in the country it is being broadcast from. Investigate the radio station by going to their website and you should find all the information you need regarding their broadcast times.
If the ‘Station not available’ message persists with a particular station then it’s possible that the station has closed down or they have changed their streaming URL. There may also be a technical problem with the audio stream so if you suspect that a station is still broadcasting but is failing to play on your radio then please let us know by sending us an e-mail and we’ll investigate the problem and fix it if possible.


Try rebooting the router...

Rebooting your broadband rooter can often resolve connection anomalies. Rebooting allows the router to re-establish connections, hand out fresh IP addresses and can flush the system if it’s crashed become corrupted in anyway.
It’s also good practice to ensure you are always running the latest official firmware for your router. The router firmware is the operating system of your router and like the operating system on your computer, fixes and updates are also made available.

 Before embarking on any firmware updates you should be clear you understand the processes and possible implications involved. You may need to consult your broadband provider if you wish to do this.