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AccuWeather App on Sensia models - Knowledgebase / Internet radios - PURE SUPPORT

AccuWeather App on Sensia models

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We are sorry to inform users of the Sensia Internet Radios models that the AccuWeather App support will be withdrawn at the end of March 2021. We understand that this can cause frustrations, so please let us explain.

Over time, platforms and infrastructures that are required to deliver a certain feature can change and become outdated. This can, unfortunately, impact our self-set level of quality and usability across our product range.
Due to on-going technological changes, our options to integrate the AccuWeather service into newer infrastructure are limited, meaning that over time maintaining this service has become unsustainable.
This is why, after careful consideration, we had to decide to discontinue the support for this feature.
We hope for your understanding.

For input and feedback on active features or feature requests, please do reach out to our support team via our contact form