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Automatic Bluetooth connection on the 260DBi motorway - Knowledgebase / In car radio / Highway H260DBI/ H240DI - PURE SUPPORT

Automatic Bluetooth connection on the 260DBi motorway

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A small number of users have reported some inconsistencies with the 'auto connect' function on the Highway 260DBi, where their phone is not automatically connecting, after some time, when re-entering the vehicle.

Given the complexities of connecting to different manufacturer's mobile phone handsets, employing different software, this may happen from time to time.  If this happens to you then connection can be reinstated after using the reset button on the stereo, located behind the removable fascia.
A more user friendly solution to the issue is being worked on and will be posted as a software upgrade for the product, in our downloads section, on the support site when it is available.