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Difficulties when recording onto an SD card

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I can’t record to my SD card. What could be wrong?

Our products support recording to SD cards - up to 2GB in size. Make sure any card you use is a standard SD card and not a 'Micro SD' or a 'SDHC' card. Try to stick to standard SD cards too - not high speed write cards.

Try formatting your SD (Secure Digital) card, especially if it hasn’t been used in your radio before. Your radio supports 'FAT16' file structure, and any SD cards being used in your radio need to be formatted to the 'FAT16' file structure. To be sure you are running the correct file structure use the 'Format' function in your radio to ensure your SD card is correctly formatted to FAT16.

If you can’t format the card then make sure it isn't locked by checking that the write protect switch on the side of the card isn’t set to ‘On’.

You can only record DAB broadcasts to an SD card in your radio. FM, CD and ‘AUX In’ streams cannot be recorded.