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If you do not receive an EPG

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There are a number of factors to take into account when receiving the EPG guide. The first is to ensure you’re tuned to a station or multiplex that broadcasts an EPG service as not all stations do this. Example EPG service broadcasters in the UK are the two national providers - the BBC and Digital One networks.

If you're positive you're tuned to a multiplex providing an EPG service you'll need to factor into account the reception of that service. EPG is the very last element that will be downloaded if reception is poor, as the radio will concentrate on extracting the audio from the multiple layers of error correction to ensure you can hear the broadcast correctly. A successful or reliable EPG download and decode will only happen secondary to audio decode, and if reception is good.

Occasionally we have experienced broadcast related issues that have resulted in the corruption of your EPG data files stored on in the 'Guide' folder of the SD card. This can result in not being able to view the stored EPG guide which can appear like it was never downloaded in the first place. If you're experiencing difficulties accessing EPG try deleting the 'Guide' folder on your SD card. You can do this my accessing the SD card via a card reader attached to your PC. You can then browse the contents of the SD card and delete the ‘Guide’ folder.

If you find your EPG broadcast has suddenly vanished and you have covered the above points then the problem will almost certainly be down to a regional transmission issue. In these circumstances there is very little we can suggest apart from waiting for the EPG transmission to resume. If your EPG transmission has suddenly stopped it may be helpful for the radio if you periodically tune away form the multiplex to a different one and back again to prompt a quick rescan of an EPG broadcast. Otherwise waiting for the EPG transmission to resume will be your only option.