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Manual installation of Contour i1 Air firmware - Knowledgebase / Docks and Airplay - PURE SUPPORT

Manual installation of Contour i1 Air firmware

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1.    Download the recovery file to your Mac or PC from the Pure downloads site.

2. Make sure Contour is switched on and connected to your network.

3. You’ll need to access Contour’s setup manager to update the software manually. To do this:

a. Press the Menu button on your Contour’s remote control
b. Scroll to ‘Advanced’ and press Select.
c. Select ‘IP’ from the Advanced menu.
d. Your speaker’s IP address will be displayed on the screen. Your IP address is made up of four numbers separated by dots, e.g.
e. Write this down, you’ll need it later.

You may need to scroll using the > key to see the last two numbers.

4. On your PC or Mac open your browser and enter the IP address of your Contour into the address bar and hit Go.

5. Contour’s setup manager should appear.

6. Click on the 'Update' tab (far right) and follow the on screen instructions to complete the recovery process. While performing the manual install process the LED will turn amber in colour. The process will take around 5-10 minutes to complete depending on your system, and will pause on occasion. When this process is complete the LED will return to static red ‘sleep\ standby’ status.