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StreamR - All FAQs

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Q. How do I learn more about using my StreamR speaker? 

A. To get the most out of your StreamR speaker, you can access the Full User Guide by clicking here

Q. Is there an app available for the StreamR speaker and what does it provide?

A. Yes, there is an app available called Pure Home (available on Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS compatible devices). The Pure Home app will help guide you in getting the Alexa voice assistant setup, but the app must also be installed and running on your mobile device to access the voice related features. 

Q. Do I need to re-pair to my StreamR speaker over Bluetooth every time I want to stream music?

A. The speaker supports auto-connecting, so if you've enabled the Bluetooth function on your mobile device, it will automatically reconnect to StreamR when you turn on the speaker. 

Q. Can I use StreamR to answer phone calls?

A. Providing StreamR is paired to a mobile device over Bluetooth, you will be able to the use the speakerphone function on the speaker to answer calls.  

Q. Does the StreamR speaker support Wi-Fi?

A. No. StreamR uses Bluetooth as its wireless connection method. 

Q. Can I connect to my speaker using NFC?

A. No. NFC is not supported on this device. 

Q. Can I connect StreamR to laptop/computer?

Yes. If your laptop/computer has Bluetooth capabilities, then you'll be able to wirelessly stream audio. Alternatively, you can connect the StreamR's integrated auxiliary cable directly into a device with a 3.5mm headphone/audio output for audio playback. 

Q. What is the wireless range of the StreamR speaker?

A. The speaker has a wireless range of up to 30 ft (approx. 9-10m). The range is likely to be affected if there are walls or objects between the controlling device and StreamR speaker. For best performance, ensure there is open space between the paired devices. 

Q. How long does the battery take to charge?

A. It should take approximately 6 hours to fully charge your StreamR speaker when connected to a USB power adapter/plug. 

Q. How do I check the battery level on my speaker?

A. When your StreamR is turned on, you can check the current battery level by pressing and holding the - and + buttons at the same time. The current battery level will then be displayed on the screen. 

Alternatively, if your speaker is closed and charging via USB, simply wave your hand over the top panel surface to reveal the current charge state via the light ring. You may see a number of these segments illuminated in green to indicate the current level of charge. If the entire ring is illuminated when in this state, this means the StreamR is fully charged. 

Q. Can I use StreamR as the audio source when I am watching video content on a mobile or tablet?

A. Yes, you can, however you are likely to experience a slight delay in synchronisation between the audio and video. This is quite typical of Bluetooth connectivity when used in this way, so for a better experience, it is recommended you connect to the speaker using the integrated auxiliary cable.

Q. How do I change the information displayed on the screen?

A. Press and hold to change what you see on the display. 

• In FM radio, you can display the station name or frequency, now playing information, or the clock.

• In digital radio, you can display the station name, now playing information, or the clock.

• In Bluetooth mode, you can display the current track name and artist, or display the clock.

Q. When I change the display options, why doesn’t StreamR display the time? 

A. The speaker automatically obtains the time using radio signal. If the time does not appear, simply tune into a digital radio station for this to update. 

Q. My speaker will not connect over Bluetooth. What should I do?

A. If you mobile/controlling device not connecting over Bluetooth, please try the following:  

• On your mobile/controlling device, turn the Bluetooth feature off and back on.

• Make sure you're using a compatible Bluetooth device.

• Remove/forget the speaker from the list of paired devices on your mobile/controlling device, then go through the setup process again.

• Ensure your mobile/controlling device are within Bluetooth connection range.

• Restart your mobile device.

Q. When listening to radio, StreamR experiences audio drop-outs and sometimes no audio at all. What should I do?

A. If you are experience radio reception related issues, it might be worth trying the following: 

• Check the radio coverage in your area.

• Fully extend the auxiliary cable.

• Press the Autotune button on the rear of the speaker.

Q. How do I remove stations which are stored as preset corners?

A. You can either overwrite any existing stations with new ones or to remove these completely, you'll need to restore your StreamR to factory conditions. This will clear all settings. as well as saved presets. 

Note : Your StreamR needs to be running on battery mode to restore it to factory conditions.

To restore your StreamR to factory conditions:

1.  Disconnect the USB charging cable and close the speaker.

2.  Press and hold the Autotune button (at the rear). 

3.  While holding down the Autotune button, press down on the top of the speaker to switch it on.

Do not switch off your StreamR while the restore is in progress. When the restore is complete, the language selection is shown on the display.