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The LED light on the Contour flashes cyan (blue-green) - Knowledgebase / Docks and Airplay - PURE SUPPORT

The LED light on the Contour flashes cyan (blue-green)

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Check that your Contour 200i Air is running the latest firmware to ensure you experience the best from your product!

If the status LED is flashing cyan, Contour 200i has detected a firmware error. Disconnect the power for thirty seconds and then reconnect the power to try again. Contour should automatically recover by downloading the software automatically from the internet.

If the LED continues to flash Cyan after restarting the product, press and hold the Wi-Fi setup key on the back of the unit for five seconds to auto recover. During auto recovery the LED will show amber and will turn static red when complete.

This process will take around 10 mins to complete.