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Troubleshooting media servers - Knowledgebase / Media Streaming and Flow server - PURE SUPPORT

Troubleshooting media servers

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Media server name not being seen

Make sure that your media server is running on the same local network as your radio and that there are no firewalls standing in between the server and your radio. Any problems seeing media servers are almost always due to some sort of 3rd party security software blocking ports, so do ensure any installed security software is not blocking this process. Do consider that a default install or 'clean' install of a Windows or MAC OS system - before any 3rd party security software is introduced - will always result in successful media serving. It's the later addition of 3rd party security software that will always break this process.

 Tip! In 9\10 cases, any failure to 'see' a media server will be due to local computer security software preventing this process happening. If you think you have enabled this process in your firewall then check again. Computers can operate more than one firewall and it is possible that you may have 3rd party firewall software installed that you didn't realise you had. Check and check again.

If your firewall doesn't appear to be blocking your media server then you should ensure port 9000 isn’t being used by another application installed on your computer.
Media is seen but isn't playing.

Music file format. Make sure your music is stored in a format your radio can play. Check the article 'Supported formats and bit rates' You must also ensure your music is not DRM protected, as 3rd party players like your radio will not be allowed to play protected content.

Make sure you are only running one instance of your server as more than one instance will have you problems serving. Windows users should check Windows Task manager and Mac users should check Activity Monitor and stop all instances of anything relating to 'Twonky' and then restarting one instance of Flow Server only.


 Wi-Fi channels of media servers or web-radio streams

Divide your network a channel with another nearby network? You should ensure that you not use the same Wi-Fi channel (you have 13 to choose from) use as another network nearby. Use a program like (in English) and check if your network in the same channel transmits, as a nearby network. If the problem still if you switch to a free channel?

Check Availability Media Server (Windows only)

If you do not have Media Server such as Can start Flow Server on your PC, then you should try it with Windows Media Player Server. If you use a Windows Firewall, all the needed TCP and UDP ports are opened automatically when you enable file sharing. If you are using a different software or hardware firewall, you must manually activate under certain circumstances these ports. The Windows Media Player is normally automatically passed by many firewalls, and is therefore a good review.

Port settings for Windows Media Server

If you in your security software must manually enter your port settings, are the ports that you need, the following (assuming that you are on the same subnet):

554 (TCP), 1900 (UDP), 2177 (TCP, UDP), 2869 (TCP), 5004-5005 (UDP), 10243 (TCP), 10280-10284 (UDP)

You will not be able to use the media sharing feature if Internet Protocol security (IPsec) is enabled on your computer. You normally find IPsec on your computer if it is part of a domain network.