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Updating the software on your Highway H260DBi - Knowledgebase / In car radio / Highway H260DBI/ H240DI - PURE SUPPORT

Updating the software on your Highway H260DBi

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Check list:
You will need a freshly formatted USB stick to perform a software upgrade on your Highway H260DBi .
You will need the latest software download for the Highway H260DBi . You can get the latest software from our downloads website. 
You will need a decompression tool like WinZip installed on your computer.
Preparing the file and your USB stick
When you download the file to your computer it will arrive as a compressed file (.BIN) that will need decompressing. Use a decompression tool like WinZip to decompress (or ‘unpack’) the file, and save the file to a location on your computer that you will esily find. There is only a single .BIN file in the zip to save.
Make sure your USB stick is freshly formatted with no data stored on it.
Now copy or move the unpacked .BIN file to your freshly formatted USB stick. The .BIN file should be the only file present on the USB stick.

Installing the software on your Highway H260DBi

Turn on the radio and insert the USB flash drive. You should see the text ‘MCU UPDATE’ displayed on the radio.
Wait for the radio to power down automatically at the end of the upgrade (this takes approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds).
There will be a pop heard through the car speakers at the end of the upgrade, which is to be expected
Remove the USB drive and turn on the radio

Note: Do not switch off the radio during the USB upgrade as this will cause the radio to stop working
All settings will be lost after the upgrade. You will need to reconnect your phone to the radio via Bluetooth.