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Woodland Run Time


The Woodland speaker is a battery supplement product, which means it is always powered from its batteries. When USB power is connected, the battery is charged to 100%. Once fully charged, the speaker enters battery maintenance mode during which charging stops and the battery is slowly discharged by approximately 10%. This is because it is not safe to keep charging a Lithium-Ion battery at 100%, as it can cause serious damage to the cells. When this threshold of approximately 90% is reached the charging circuit is activated again, and the battery trickle charges to 100%. This charge/discharge process then repeats.

To measure the maximum battery runtime, we applied the test with the battery at 100% (which is within industry standards) using standardised audio content, volume levels and measuring distances. This gave a run time duration of up to 14 hours. Note external factors such as the audio content and temperature mean there will be some variability in the result.

The battery run time at the lowest point of the charge/discharge cycle in our tests was 12 hours. This means a battery life of between 12 hours and 14 hours is within the expected range of a new Woodland speaker. Over time the battery will age which may reduce the runtime.