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DAB+ Upgrades

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If you have one of the following models or if your radio is showing 'For upgrades, visit', you may need to upgrade your radio for DAB+ support. 

Applicable models: Chronos 2, Contour 100Di, Elan 2, Evoke 1S, Evoke 2S, Highway, One Classic, One Classic Series 2, One Elite, One Elite Series 2, One Mi, One Mi Series 2, Siesta, Siesta Mi, Siesta Mi Series 2

Please note, if you have a very early model of the device listed above, a DAB+ update will not be possible due to the age. 

To upgrade your radio to support DAB+ or to check if your model is suitable for an upgrade using the serial number, please visit the link below and enter your serial number to start the upgrade process:
(Please note, you may need to open this site on a browser such as Internet Explorer or Edge)

The site will provide comprehensive, step by step instructions on how to update your radio. Please note, you will also need the use of a PC or laptop and a suitable USB cable for the update.  A smartphone or tablet is not suitable. 

If your serial number has rubbed off or is no longer legible, please contact our support team who can provide a replacement code so the update can be applied.