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Flow Shutdown FAQ

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Shutdown of Internet Radio Service Flow

What is Flow?

Flow is Pure’s cloud-based ecosystem that supports the functionality of Pure internet radios and the ‘Pure Connect’ mobile app. The embedded software in Pure Flow radios and the mobile app obtain program information from the Flow cloud. Therefore, when the Flow cloud is switched off, the ‘Pure Connect’ mobile app and the internet radio functionality in Pure Flow radios will stop working. All other functions of these radio devices, such as DAB/DAB+ and FM reception, continue to work normally.

Why is Pure switching off Flow? When is it happening?

The internet radio landscape has seen significant advancements in recent years, with newer formats such as Podcast and HLS Streaming becoming the new market standard. These new platforms offer customers a more advanced audio listening experience, which is not supported by the Flow platform . As a result, Pure has made the difficult decision to shut down Flow and focus on developing the newer technologies available.

The switch off date is the 9th of May, 2023.

What radio models are affected?

A number of older models will be affected, including Avanti Flow, Contour, Evoke F4, Evoke Flow, Oasis Flow, One Flow, Sensia, Sensia 200D, Siesta Flow, Sirocco 550, and Jongo speakers (when using Pure Connect app). All of these have an Internet Radio mode.
Models the same age, but not affected are: Evoke F3, Evoke C-F6, Elan IR3 and Elan IR5.

Why does my device's screen display the message "Please try again later"? 

This message appears on your device's screen on any occasion of an interruption of the internet connection. Unfortunately, this screen message is embedded within the product and cannot be altered, as it is hardcoded. The product was not originally programmed to have the internet service removed, so this generic message is the only one that can be displayed.

How will this affect my device?

The shutdown won’t change the habit of the majority of Pure customers. Since most functionalities of the device still work normally (DAB/DAB+, FM reception), not all product holders will miss anything after Flow is gone.

How can I sign up for the redemption voucher?

If you own one of the listed products, you can provide a proof of ownership by handing in a photo of it in your home. If you own more than one product, proof is required to show all products in one photo. Share the images together with your personal message and contact details here: Customer Service Form

How can I use my Jongo speaker without the Pure Connect app?

You can stream music to a single Jongo speaker via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Bluetooth: On the Jongo S3, you can enable BT mode by plugging the Pure USB Bluetooth dongle (which came with the product) into the USB port on the back.

WiFi: If your Jongo speaker is not already connected to your WiFi network, you can follow the instructions here to connect Jongo to your WiFi network without the Pure Connect app:

You can then use a UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) app to stream locally stored music as Jongo is UPnP compatible. For example, Bubble UPnP. However, please note that we cannot provide technical support when using a third-party app.

Connecting Jongo to your home network

Are there plans to make any other models obsolete?

There are no current plans to change any other functionalities. As a forward-thinking audio engineering company, we are always reviewing our offering to provide our customers with the most innovative products.

Can I recycle my old Pure radio?

Yes, you can. Or you use it with one of its other functions (DAB/DAB+, FM), before you decide to get rid of it. But if you only use internet radio, and you don’t want to gift it to a social cause, you can of course recycle it safely. For the UK, go visit - by typing in your post code, you can find the closest location.

Other countries and websites:

Germany: Umweltbundesamt / Verwertung von Elektronik-Altgeräten

The Netherlands:


Spain: Ecoembes / Recicla